Discover the spectrum of multi disciplinary innovative artworks by Mike Etienne. A truly unique and versatile artist, with a portfolio of works that span the globe. Mike is proficient in the use of Airbrush, paint, pencil, photo, film and light. The smallest is a watch face, the largest over 12.500 million m2. His work embraces the vibrancy of colour and passion for life.

Works with light add dimension to night time, paintings and murals to daylight. Mobile works appear at random.

Mike is an autodidact child of his time, his work a mirror of the zeitgeist, inspired by and inspiring the environment.

His messages are those of subconcious enjoyment, and critical observation of the times, an out of the box, blue-sky thinker.

Mike enjoys travel, motorcycles, and the use of his talents to develop ideas into tangible results, including the support of worthwhile causes.

Mike offers bespoke solutions to any creative contingency, any size, any surface, anywhere.

Enjoy your discovery, any feedback appreciated.

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